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Personal Injury Solicitors Overview

No win no fee has made it easier for quite a lot of people over the years to win the recompense that they deserve. Quite a lot of us out there have suffered through no fault of our own through the negligent behavior of another individual or party. If you have had an incident in the past it is well worth getting in contact with a no win no fee solicitor to talk about your claim.

A lawyer can check into your claim and determine whether or not you have a claim, it is strongly advised to be carefully guided by what he / she tells you in respect to your lawsuit. When you talk to your lawyer is highly important to notify them of all the particulars and do not exclude any of the specific details. Your lawyer will need to have all the details about your court case in order to put together a good case.Take a look at the site hereĀ car accident claims.

Below is a case for compensation that on the outset appeared like a sound claim for damages, but the claimant revealed information in court that was not disclosed to his own lawyer. For lawful purposes the personal facts of the particular person involved have been omitted.

Mr X form London was working with an aluminium lightweight step ladder to access a roof on a small building, whilst he was going up the ladder the locking method that stops the step ladder from closing failed and the ladder flattened while Mr X was still on it.

Now the firm that manufactured and distributed the step ladder disputed the fact that the aluminium step ladder was hazardous as there product had been carefully tested prior to it was approved for purchase and requested the case to be taken to court.

The case was heard in front of a court and while being questioned about the incident Mr X disclosed that the he was transporting a number of house bricks up to the roof top of the buildings extension where he was working. A fact that he did not divulge to his own lawyer. The combined weight of Mr X and the house bricks did in fact extend past the safe working weight of the ladder. The judge decided that the mishap had been an instance of improper use of the unit and Mr X was not awarded any recompense for his personal injuries.

If you do have an incident and want to claim damages then go and see a personal injury lawyer but more significantly tell them all the specifics and do not leave out any of the specifics of the incident. Remember that the solicitor is on your side and it is in their interests to win the case as well.