Mommy Makeover Surgery- Breast Lift

A breast lift is technically a “mastopexy.” The desired outcome is to raise and firm your breasts. This is accomplished by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. You’ll get a more youthful placement and tightness.

When is a breast lift helpful?

Post-pregnancy. Breasts do stretch, and even change in shape as a result of pregnancy and/or breast-feeding.

-Weight fluctuation. Losing a lot of weight is great! However, it may also cause your breasts to sag in an undesirable way. A breast lift is the answer!

-Gravity and time. Reality states that over time, breasts will sag. This is especially true for larger, fuller breasts.

-Heredity. Some women’s breasts are just naturally more droopy than others. If you’ve always wanted firmer breasts that sit differently on your chest, a breast lift can help.

Do you want more attractive breasts?

Many women desire breasts that are more attractive than their current breasts. Wherever your breasts are now, we understand that you want more attractive, perky breasts. In our consultation we will help you understand what shape of breasts you find attractive, and how you can achieve that in your body.Visit mommy makeover surgery for more details.

Can you explain the initial consultation?

During your consultation, our Utah plastic surgeons will:

-Listen! We want to understand what you’d like to achieve with your surgery

-Perform a thorough examination

-Tell you exactly what we recommend for you and why

-Answer any questions you have about insurance and financing

What you should know about your breast lift surgery:

Your Utah breast lift surgery is an out-patient procedure, but that doesn’t mean that it is minor surgery, or that it will be brief. After your consultation, we will be able to estimate for you the length of time that you can expect your procedure to take. Our surgeon will want to take his time, and make sure that your results are balanced and beautiful.

For the best results and comfort, your surgery will be performed while you are under a general anesthetic.

Breast lifts can be done in three different ways, we are sure to use the right one for your surgery. The choice of technique will depend on many factors, including the size of your breasts, the size of your nipples, your body frame and size, and the exact problem that you are trying to solve. These are called the “donut lift”, “lollipop lift”, and “anchor lift”.

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